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I’ve finally got my late winter or early spring hat completed. I haven’t had much time to spend on fun things. We moved my mom into an elderly apartment complex and our son moved into his own place. All of this in late February and March.  So now I’m trying to help my sisters and brother with cleaning out Mom’s house. This has to be done by June 1st.

Back to my hat, I dyed with kool aid, jello and Wilton’s cake dye. I used my own hand spun yarns.

Blue-Royal blue cake dye

Ghoul aid-KA

Red-orange + cherry KA

Yellow-lemon jello

Light orange- peach jello

Green-light tan alpaca + Lemon-lime KA

Natural white


Hat Top 2015

Cat Hat 2 Pixie approved.


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I have been busy dyeing and spinning for the last few months.  But yet I don’t feel like I have gotten anything accomplished.  I did have fun with Kool aid and gentian violet.  Gentian violet is a medicinal dye used to treat yeast infections.  The wool used for the gentian violet was Scottish Blackface, it’s a little on the harsh side, just right to use for the feet in socks.

Scottish Blackface Gentian Violet

Scottish Blackface

Kool Aid 2013

For this batch of kool-aid dyed wool I used an adult romney fleece.  It was a beautiful fleece that took the kool-aid well.  I am almost done spinning up this batch.  Will be using in sock tops and in the sock feet with a mohair carry along yarn for strength.

A couple of weeks ago I found a spinning wheel on Craig’s List that just called my name to come and rescue.  It had all of it’s parts but you could tell it was a very old wheel.  So we took a little trip about two hours west of our home and brought her home, she needed very little repair, just a new front maiden bearing and a good cleaning.  Turns out she was also signed by  her maker “G:Yunker”, according to Spinning Wheels and Accessories   by Pennington and Taylor, he was a maker that lived in PA/OH.  In their book this wheel is referred to as a “Left-foot” wheel because of the way the treadle is built.  The cross over brace goes from right to left to accommadate the uprightness of the wheel.  She is a little fussy but she does spin a very fine yarn.

Post Clean wheel

Post clean

I finally took the plunge and knitted a TAM, they have always looked difficult to me, so I took on the challenge to my brain.  Here is the results of my challenge.  It’s not perfect by any means, but at least I didn’t say F—it and frog it. I learned so much about the construction of the tam and strand knitting it was worth the challenge.  The tan yarn is alpaca and the dyed yarns are various wools from other projects.  Blocked it over a large dinner plate and run some cotton around the opening edge and pulled it up to stretch it out.






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Sleepy Sunday afternoon


I haven’t been doing much this winter, I’m hoping with spring coming I’ll find some ambition and get to spinning again.  I did do some kool aid dyeing. I have usually dyed the roving before spinning, but this time I spun first then dyed.  The wool is dorset, used the microwave method to dye with.

Dorset handspun

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This is my first attempt at knitting gloves on a knitting machine.  I used my KH588  using the patterning feature for the diamond design.  I used my handspun alpaca for the main color and a mixed breed wool for the contrast color.  The alpaca is a natural rose grey and the wool used for the contrast color was dyed with “Red, White and Blue” kool-aid.

I broke the glove down into sections: Cuff, Palm/Back(main body), thumb, fingers.  I was using a drawing of my BIL’s hand for basic dimensions.  Did a test swatch of my yarn for gauge and went from there hoping for the best.  I hope they fit.

MK Gloves

MK Gloves 3

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I managed to get a couple of things done this fall.  These were knit on my KH588 knitting machine.

Stocking hat: Gold is dyed St Bernard hair , Brown is natural mixed breed wool. Used Jaquard dye for the gold.

Koolaid dyed wool with St Bernard (Tan)  natural colored hair.

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Fall dyeing

I’ve been trying my hand at dyeing again, this time I tried hand painting some columbia roving. I like to use Jaquard acid dyes, they are easy to use and the colors are great.

  The above roving spun up, not as bright as I was hoping for, still pretty though.

My all time favorite is Kool aid dyeing, I’m always amazed at how well the colors turn out and how long they last.

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Finally got the orange & cherry dyed wool spun up and plyed with a lemon yellow.
KoolAid  orangeCherry Columbia

Socks from the orange/cherry yarn:

Kool-aid socks

These were knit on my LeGare sock knitting machine, using the 54 needle cylinder and the large hook 12 gauge needles.  They have been machine washed and air dried to full the stitches.

I also did some blue raspberry and grape.

KoolAid blueRaspGrape Columbia

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