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I have had a request for the upright measurements for this loom. So here is a picture of the upright plus a tracing of the piece. You should able to print out the tracing for a pattern.




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My sister and I went to the Shepard’s Market on Saturday, this was a great wool market to attend. The event was organized and put on at the Vinton, Ia high school by Sue H. from SunRise Suris Alpaca ranch.  The location was really nice to be able to have enough room to roam around in and be able to visit with vendors and to shop.  I would like to “THANK”  Sue and all the vendors for having such a nice show.  Here are a few of the vendors that I had a chance to visit with.

Yarn Geek 1

Yarn Geek 2Yarn Geek Card

Crazy Boy

Crazy Boy Card

Homespun Family 1

Homespun 2

Homespun Card

FaeRidge 2

FaeRidge 1 Janette

Fae Ridge Card

My sister and I took a little break from shopping and we sat down for awhile.  So I decided to pull out my little Indian book charka and spin some cotton for a few minutes.

Me charka

All in all it was a great day, looking forward to next year.







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Shepherd’s Market was a new and fun fiber/fabric festival that was produced, organized and put on by Sue H

from SunRise Suris Alpaca Ranch.  Sue and her crew did a fantastic job.

Shepherds Market 2013

Sue H

Sue H

Here are few of the fibery folks I had the opportunity to visit with:



Katy has a crochet group in Hiawatha:


Bob the Woodcarver and Kim S with her Mom were sharing a booth.  I got a beautiful romney lamb fleece from Kim.

Bob R, Kim S & Mom

Bob R, Kim S & Mom

Bob R


Debbie B has a needle arts store in Manchester, IA.


Manchester Knitting

Quilter Elayne from MYTymeCreations




Looking forward to next years festival !!!




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I’ve been doing some practice knit weaving on the Empisal Mini Schnell-Stricker knitting machine.  I used some craft ribbon for the weft and single spun alpaca for the warp, the effect was kind of pretty.  I’m not sure I would do a lot of this type of knitting.

Knit weaving on Empisal Mini knitter

Knit Weaving with ribbon

Back side of knitting

I have a video of this knit weaving on You Tube :  www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdKp5miCHiI

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Completed rug

I got around to making another rug, this one is woven out of alpaca seconds (grey) and coopworth roving.  The coopworth I’ve had for about four years and I wanted to get it used up into something.  I knew I would never get the whole fleece spun up.  I used the peg loom for the weaving and I think it turned out beautiful and it is as soft as a cloud to walk on.  These rugs are great next to the bed, stepping out on the softness just starts the day off right.

 The loom is set up and the pegs are strung using a cotton cord.

Starting row  I like to start and end a rug with a twine weave.

Finishing edges 

Finished the ends by knotting the cords together and then weaving the ends into the rug using a bodkin and trimming off the excess.


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Texture of rug1st rug

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