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Here it is the end of September already, spent the weekend cleaning carpets and doing some outside work to get ready for the dreaded winter months.  Earlier this month I went with my sister and brother -in-law to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.  My sister is getting into spinning with intentions of weaving her own yarns.  I have been to the festival several times and enjoy it every time, this was their  first visit and they were pretty overwhelmed with all the vendors and activities that were going on. On the way home BIL wanted to stop at Mt Horab and look for trolls.  He found them:

IMGP0286 (640x480)

The shop these were in front of had a lot of fun stuff:

IMGP0291 (640x480)

This past week Son was driving past a rummage sale and spotted a spinning wheel, they had just opened the sale and he was the first one in and he grabbed this little wheel:

Spinning wheel EG 4

Here she is all cleaned up:

Spinning wheel EG

Spining wheel EG2

From the looks and feel of the wheel it had never been spun on, probably just used as a decorator piece.  The wheel was made by an Erwin Griesbach, there is a date of ’84 under the table along with his signature.

Spinning wheel

That’s all for now.


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Happy Easter 2014

Spring is finally here, hope everyone has a good Easter!!!!

Bunny 2014

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Thanksgiving 2013

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Jelly Time

I got myself into gear and made up four batches of grape jelly.  I had never done grape, thought it was just cheaper to buy it, but my mind has been changed.  The home grown grapes this year are wonderful, they may be smaller than usual but they are so much sweeter than other years.  I think it is probably due to the drought and very hot temps that we have been dealing with this summer.  The kitchen has smelled like a cotton candy factory because they have been so sweet.  I don’t know what kind of grapes these are, I guy down the street gave them to me.  Here are a few pictures of my work.

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New Fleece

I couldn’t resist this beautiful fleece I found on Ebay.  It’s a gorgeous morit (rusty brown) and so soft.  It’s a Romaldale cross, the locks are about 4″with a nice crimp.

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Son turns 25!!

I can’t believe my baby turned 25 this past week.  I think he had been celebrating a little bit with his friends!!!

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Pixie-doodles first Christmas

This is why we downsized our tree and have pet safe ornaments!!!

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