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We got busy on Sunday and layed new carpet in the kitchen.  We used carpet tiles and so far we really like them.

I’ve also been busy spinning some Bond merino, getting ready for sock knitting time. I’m using the Lamb for the singles.


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Here it is mid June and I’ve been busy with yard work and other stuff around the house.  Somewhere I got into something that has been itching and driving me crazy. Went to the doctor and he said it was a plant oil toxin, inother words probably poison ivy.  Gave me a steroid cream and it is helping alot. Now to find the culpret and kill it out. 

I’ve been busy with spinning and cleaning up a couple of wheels.  This time I used an almond based oil that conditions and protects and so far I really like it, plus it smells nice.  My latest spinning wheel aquasition is a Jensen Tina II, this wheel is a dream to spin on. I think it is going to be a forever wheel.  Much easlier for me to spin on for any amount of time, some of my other wheels make my hips hurt after awhile.

Tina II is a double drive that can be converted to a scotch drive. It has three whorls, so there are several ratios available.  I think there is a high speed whorl  available, but I don’t have that one.  I really don’t think I need it either. I spun up single of some icelandic and ramboulliet on the Tina and plyed them on a little wheel that I had gotten in Missouri a few years ago at the World Wide Wool Festival at Bethel MO.  That little wheel is called  “The Lamb” made by Larry Harper of Seymour, MO.


The LambNice wheel for a beginning spinner, it has an Iris tension and only one ration about 6:1, bobbins hold about 4 ozs. It is made out of oak, I use this little wheel primarily for plying.it’s own tensioning band, along with the bobbin being tensioned by the drive band.  This gives two different speeds which allows the yarn to be drawn up onto the bobbin. 

Irish tension system 

Plyed with the Lamb.

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