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I was able to get to a couple of events this spring. One was the Federation of Spinners and Weavers meeting  that was held in Cedar Rapids this spring. I had the opportunity to meet Mr. and Mrs.  Rick Reeves, they are very lovely people. I had been having an issue with my 24″ Saxon style wheel not to wanting to wind the yarn up on the bobbing.   I had exhausted my bag of tricks, so I took it along for Rick to look at.  It took a few minutes for him to find the problem and to give me the solution. I followed his advice and the wheel is purring along just fine.  Sorry for the blurry pictures.

Rick Reeves 2015

Rick Reeves with 24in


Mr. and Mrs. Reeves

I bought a beautiful CVM fleece from this lady, unfortunately I have misplaced her business card. I think she is from around Waterloo.



I also had a chance to go to the Iowa Sheep and Wool Festival in Colfax, IA. A lady I know from work had her alpaca fleece and yarn stand set up.

Lisa B's Alpacas

Lisa and her Mom were manning the stand.

Lisa and Mom

Lisa pulling a batt of Alpaca into roving.

Lisa B IA sheep wool

All in all Margie Meehan organized another great festival.





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Here is the Rick Reeves 24″ red oak spinning wheel that I was fortunate enough to finally find and get, the price was very reasonable for a hand made spinning wheel of this caliber.  It certainly was NOT cheap, but it wasn’t anywhere near a new Schact-Reeves 24″ wheel either.  I’ve only been playing with it to get a feel for it’s nature and I did manage to get a skein of llama spun and plyed.  It will take a little getting used to.  We caller call her Miss Marengo because the wheel is signed Rick Reeves and he made it when he had a shop close to  Marengo IA.   The wheel was very, very dry and needed a good cleaning and waxing with Howard”s beeswax wood cleaner.


I used 2 packs of pink lemonade, 1 pack of cherry and half a pack of orange kool aid to get this corally color.  It came out varigated due to uneven dying, I kind of like it so I don’t think I’ll over dye it to even out the color.


Completed a skein of 100% camel, used the standard whorl for spinning and plying.

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