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I finally got DH Sanquhar gloves done, they fit him like a “glove”.  The glove pattern is from Patons & Baldwins Limited, the knit pattern is the Duke pattern.  The yarn used is handspun by me: Brown-Alpaca and Mohair blend, Off white-Icelandic sheep wool. Needles used were size 0.  I changed some of the knitting design to include elements that I had been wanting to try such as the braided starting edge, it helps keep the edge from rolling. I didn’t want to continue the squared patterns into the fingers so I changed it to the speckled pattern. I like it much better.  They look really nice on DH hands.


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Progress of the Sanquhar gloves is slow but coming along, to date I’m about half way through.  This is the Duke pattern and so far I’m enjoying the pattern. To stop the cuff edge from rolling I started with a  knit braid instead of just a couple rows of purling.  If I’m going to knit I want it to be pretty.  This is also my first attempt at knitting in letters and numbers, don’t think I did too bad of a job. 

I don’t think I’ll have them done for Christmas.

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I can’t believe it,  I actually got another pair of Sanquhar gloves done in record time for me.  This pair only took me six months to get knitted.  All that needs to be done now is to get them blocked.  I used the S.W.R.I. pattern for the Sanquhar gloves in the Shepherd’s Plaid design.  I spun the yarn using wensleydale wool, knit on OO size dp needles, the fingers were knit on 4″ size O bamboo dp’s.   I made some changes in the pattern as I was working on them, so there are visible differences between the right and left back of hand patterning, plus I didn’t do the cuff.  This was a difficult pattern for me to  follow, but after charting out the details and a lot of cursing I managed to get through them.

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Sanquhar Gloves

These gloves took me over a year to complete, but at least I completed them and now I can move on to something else.  I like to have only one project on the needles at a time.  I make myself work on a project until it’s done, or otherwise it will never get done.   The pattern is Diamond and Roses, this was the first time I had done any 2 color knitting and the first pair of gloves I had ever made.


Diamond and Roses

Sanquhar 2

Sanquhar 3

Finger gusset

 It’s hard to see, but the fingers have a tiny gusset at the bases.

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