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HELLO 2017

Thank God 2016 is over!!!!! This last year was one of the most miserable, mind bending years I’ve had to endure for quite some time.  In January of 2016 I was still grieving from my mother’s passing in Aug. 2015 and dealing with the estate until it was closed out in March.  Also, in January I made up my mind to retire.  It was a hard decision because I generally liked my job, but age was catching up with me and I needed to be home to take care of my husband due to his failing health.  So, I retired on March 31st.

The spring was very busy getting the yard work, house work and husband taken care of, I was wondering how I had done it for so many years while working.  May rolled around and I ruptured the disk at L5-S1 mowing the yard.  The pain was unreal, unable to do anything but pace and cry, I wasn’t able to have surgery until July. So my summer was shot to hell too.  By the end of August I was feeling better and able to do a little more. Did some spinning and knitting, my back dictated the amount of time I could sit and work on things.  But, my husband was declining.  He needed to be admitted into the hospital in October for a few days due to coughing up blood.  Our worst fears had come to life, his lung cancer had returned after eight years from initial diagnosis and treatment.  He passed away two days after Thanksgiving.  He was ready, he was so tired of the shortness of breath and being unable to do anything. So we are learning how to keep on going without him.  I’m so thankful for his love, caring and time we had together and the great son we have.  We were married for 30 years, together for 32.

So, December rolled around and I found myself in a daze, Decided to focus on a couple sock machines that I hadn’t work with for a long time.  I got the 1892 Gearhart up and running. This machine took some deep concentration since the cylinder turns instead of the yarn guide. Had to think backwards from the stationary cylinders.  This machine knit a nice pair of socks, forgot to take a picture of the finished pair. I used Regia sock yarn.

1892-a 1892-b

Also, got the 1875 Bickford up and knitting, this is a nice machine. Love the way it knit, as long as I went slow and watched the needles carefully I had very little problem with it. Using the Regia sock yarn I was able to get a nice looking pair of socks made.

bickford-in-use bickford-sock

Well,that’s it for 2016.  Hoping 2017 is a much happier year.





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Here it is the end of September already, spent the weekend cleaning carpets and doing some outside work to get ready for the dreaded winter months.  Earlier this month I went with my sister and brother -in-law to the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool festival.  My sister is getting into spinning with intentions of weaving her own yarns.  I have been to the festival several times and enjoy it every time, this was their  first visit and they were pretty overwhelmed with all the vendors and activities that were going on. On the way home BIL wanted to stop at Mt Horab and look for trolls.  He found them:

IMGP0286 (640x480)

The shop these were in front of had a lot of fun stuff:

IMGP0291 (640x480)

This past week Son was driving past a rummage sale and spotted a spinning wheel, they had just opened the sale and he was the first one in and he grabbed this little wheel:

Spinning wheel EG 4

Here she is all cleaned up:

Spinning wheel EG

Spining wheel EG2

From the looks and feel of the wheel it had never been spun on, probably just used as a decorator piece.  The wheel was made by an Erwin Griesbach, there is a date of ’84 under the table along with his signature.

Spinning wheel

That’s all for now.

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Anniversary 26th

Roses from hubby.

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary, we went out for supper at a local restarant that had been destroyed in the ’08 flood and rebuilt.  The food is really good.  Family and friends sent us flowers and/or cards. I am so bad about remembering birthdays and anniversaries, I’ve pretty much given up on it even when I write them down on a calander.

Sister in Alaska sent this beautiful bouquet.

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Computer Kitty

Everybody needs a computer kitty to help push the keys!!!!!!!

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January 10, 2012

This is the only way to live, highs today were 53 degrees, clear sky and no wind.  I can’t believe our weather this year, normally it’s close to zero with about two feet of snow if not more.  I’m afraid when our good luck runs out mother nature is really going to get even.

Winter in Iowa


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November 2011

So far this month I’ve started another pair of Sanquhar gloves in the Duke pattern, using a blend of chocolate alpaca blended with black  mohair for the dark and icelandic sandy colored wool for the light.  My DH had a possible TIA this past week, the tests didn’t show any evidence of a stroke but his words are still a little jumbled, but returning pretty well.  Our newest member of the house decided that she would like to learn to spin.

I think her feet needs to grow a little bit.

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New Family Member

We went to the Cat Fanciers Cat show yesterday, needless to say we came home with a new kitten.  She is a Pixie-Bob, supposedly this is a breed that was developed from crossing a bobtail with a domestic cat.  There is no DNA to confirm this crossing,  so I think they are mutated domestics that were developed into cats that appear to look like bobcats.  Just my opinion.  We have just been calling her Pixie because she responds to the name. So I guess it will be Pixie.  She is 5 months old, already been spayed with all of her baby shots and dewormed. We got her from Red Rock Pixie Bobs, couldn’t pass her up. She is really a sweet kitten, the girls Dotty and Emma don’t seem to think so, they will get over it.



 Without the flash:

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