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My sister and I went to the Shepard’s Market on Saturday, this was a great wool market to attend. The event was organized and put on at the Vinton, Ia high school by Sue H. from SunRise Suris Alpaca ranch.  The location was really nice to be able to have enough room to roam around in and be able to visit with vendors and to shop.  I would like to “THANK”  Sue and all the vendors for having such a nice show.  Here are a few of the vendors that I had a chance to visit with.

Yarn Geek 1

Yarn Geek 2Yarn Geek Card

Crazy Boy

Crazy Boy Card

Homespun Family 1

Homespun 2

Homespun Card

FaeRidge 2

FaeRidge 1 Janette

Fae Ridge Card

My sister and I took a little break from shopping and we sat down for awhile.  So I decided to pull out my little Indian book charka and spin some cotton for a few minutes.

Me charka

All in all it was a great day, looking forward to next year.








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My best friend suggested going this show, so we did. Hubby stayed home so we made a day of it. Tromped all over the grounds and all through the flea market.  While going through the museum building we got to meet a spinner and sock knitters.

Barb from Barnett Sheep and Wool was busy spinning away on her Majacraft “Rose”.  She raises purebred Karakul sheep and spins and weaves along with many other  things.

BarbB BarbB 2

As we continued through the museum we met a couple of sock knitters using their sock knitting machines.  Glenace Shank from “Blue Heron Knits” gave me some information about PIGS (People in Glorius Socks) the Iowa sock knitters group.  Hope to be able to attend the convention next spring.

Sock Knitters Sock Knitters 2

We were getting about whipped out so it was time we left.  So, we hit the cassino on the way home. No luck there!!

DN 2013 Me 2013

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Fall 2011

Fall is here whether we want it or not.  Last weekend we went out to the Llama Futurity Show, it’s an event that is held out at Kirkwood Community College for llama breeders and enthusiests.  We like to go out just to look at the llamas and watch them prance and show off their stuff, they definitly know when to turn on the charm.  Vicky Gobel from “Bear Hollow Farm” was there with her beautiful yarns and knitted things, along with some raw fleeces from her animals. I picked up a raw black llama fleece, it is really nice.   



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This was the fifth year that we had attended the festival, we only stayed for the Friday show though, needed to get home inorder to get rested up for the new week. It takes us five and a half hours to get there and none of us really travel well.  I had a chance to visit with some of the vendors this year, which is something that I hadn’t been able to do in the past because we have usually gone on Saturdays and they are sooo busy.  I have some pictures of the three of the vendors that I had a chance to visit with.

Sharon Lawson with her husband have a fiber processing business in Wapello, IA. I got some of her beautiful blended merino rovings.  She does all kinds of fibers from the merinos to exotics, including dehairing.

100% Merino with blended colors

100% Merino

Merino with Silk Noil

Black Merino with silk noils blended in.

East Friesian Cross Dairy Sheep

Deb Bender from “East Friesian Cross Dairy Sheep” had some very lovely fleeces.  This is fleece is an  E.Friesian X Polypay.  I couldn’t wait to get it washed up and ready for spinning.  It will make great socks and other outer wear clothing.  I love the natural varigation in color with this fleece.

Raw fleece

Staple length

 Washed Fleece

Washed and out to dry.

 I had the opportunity  to visit with Tracy Schuh from “Interlacements Yarns” at the motel we were both staying at.  Wish I have of signed up for her dye class, maybe next time.  I stopped by her table and picked up some dyed roving pieces, she was busy with her classes so I got a  picture of  a couple of her helpers. 

Interlacement Yarns


So beautiful, I have no sense of color at all and I am in awe of anyone that does.

 All the people pictured here gave me their verbal approval to be shown in this blog and I’m so happy they did.  All in all we had a lot fun.

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Saturday we went to the county fair in Central City, it was so hot and muggy that we didn’t do much walking around.  We pretty much stayed in one of the exhabition halls and watched some dancers:

This was the “Dancing with Scissors” dance troupe.

We met a very nice lady by the name of Ciuin pronouced (Q in) with her exhibitt on the Romani peoples or Gypsys.  This was a wonderful exhibit and she is very knowledgeable of her culture.  So much fun to talk to.

Ciuin with her exhibit


Romani Flag

 I did make it over to the bunny barn to look at the rabbits, I think this guy just wanted the day to be over:

Flemish giant

An overall view of the fair from where we were sitting:

There was a draft horse pull going on down at the grandstand, but it was just too hot to go and watch it.  Maybe next year.

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We made it up to the wool festival without incident, the van we rented ran well and the weather was gorgeous. It did rain some on Saturaday morning, but nothing to cancel any activites for.  I took a great class on Sat. morning from Laurie Boyer on spinning boucle yarns, she is one fantastic instructor.  When I get a chance I’ll post a picture of my efforts.  In the afternoon I took a class from Amy Tyler on spinning different textured yarns, this too was a great class.   Friday evening after the wool show closed for the day we went a did some sightseeing and went over to Lake Mills so the guys could check out the fishing spots.  They went back on Sat. morning and did a little fishing, DS got a few nibbles, DH caught a little bass and released it.  They had a great time.  Some pictures of our weekend:

Tyranena Park

Sunset over the lake

Working out their fishing strategy

Spinning class:

And of coarse you can’t go a sheep and wool festival without checking out the babies:

Not very old

Just born

We are already making plans for next!!

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Today was the Wyoming Historical Museum’s fall breakfast and the museum was open for people to walk through and visit with the people who staff the museum and to view all the items that are on exhibit.  I was there to demonstrate spinning and knitting on a sock knitting machine.  This is a very nice historic museum to visit and they have an unbelievable amount of  things to see.



Rosie at the front desk

Rosie at the front desk

Albert and Joyce

Albert and Joyce

My husband manning the sock knitting machine(Gearhart)

Bill with sock knitting machine, two of my old spinning wheels

Bill with sock knitting machine, two of my old spinning wheels

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