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Poor Fleece Choice

Yup, I went and done it. I pulled a nubbie trick, getting a fleece off of Ebay without any information.  I should have know when the ad said “BARGAIN Prices” to just keep on surfing around the fleece ads. But NO, I went ahead and ordered not one but two of this persons fleeces.  Just because he shears sheep doesn’t mean he knows fleeces.   Got them a few days ago and what a dissapointment.  One was totally unusable, completely full of vegetable matter with a staple length of one half to one inch.  Not worth the effort so it went into the garbage.  The other one I was able to get a small usable amount out of it to blend with other fibers.  Here are some pictures of the tunis fleece, I certainly can’t judge the breed by this fleece.

Majority of the fleece was 1/2 “.

A very small amout of 1″ length, but too dirty to evan attempt to clean.

I have bought other fleeces off of E-bay and they have been pretty good.  I guess I was willing to gamble and got skunked. So much for the pity party, I know there are some really good fleece sellers on E-bay and will try again only after a little more research into the seller.





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I finally got DH Sanquhar gloves done, they fit him like a “glove”.  The glove pattern is from Patons & Baldwins Limited, the knit pattern is the Duke pattern.  The yarn used is handspun by me: Brown-Alpaca and Mohair blend, Off white-Icelandic sheep wool. Needles used were size 0.  I changed some of the knitting design to include elements that I had been wanting to try such as the braided starting edge, it helps keep the edge from rolling. I didn’t want to continue the squared patterns into the fingers so I changed it to the speckled pattern. I like it much better.  They look really nice on DH hands.

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Past accomplishment

Digging through a closet this morning I ran across a special project I managed to finish about 30 years ago.  It took me about two years to complete it, but at least I completed it. This beautiful crocheted tablecloth, the pattern came out of a Better Homes and Garden magazine and later I found the pattern again in a Better Homes and Garden collection of crochet and knitting patterns. I had always wanted one and the only way I knew of getting one was to make it.  In those days the cheap lace tablelothes weren’t that available, they are everywhere now. I have only used this piece once and that was under our wedding cake at our wedding reception. I had placed a very thing plastic lining over the cloth and under the cake and it was beautiful.  

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Anniversary 26th

Roses from hubby.

Today is our 26th wedding anniversary, we went out for supper at a local restarant that had been destroyed in the ’08 flood and rebuilt.  The food is really good.  Family and friends sent us flowers and/or cards. I am so bad about remembering birthdays and anniversaries, I’ve pretty much given up on it even when I write them down on a calander.

Sister in Alaska sent this beautiful bouquet.

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