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New Family Member

We went to the Cat Fanciers Cat show yesterday, needless to say we came home with a new kitten.  She is a Pixie-Bob, supposedly this is a breed that was developed from crossing a bobtail with a domestic cat.  There is no DNA to confirm this crossing,  so I think they are mutated domestics that were developed into cats that appear to look like bobcats.  Just my opinion.  We have just been calling her Pixie because she responds to the name. So I guess it will be Pixie.  She is 5 months old, already been spayed with all of her baby shots and dewormed. We got her from Red Rock Pixie Bobs, couldn’t pass her up. She is really a sweet kitten, the girls Dotty and Emma don’t seem to think so, they will get over it.



 Without the flash:


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Leafy Beauty

Last Saturday we went with my girlfriend up to Lansing, IA to look at the leaves.  They were really pretty from Guttenburg to Marquette, then they started to fade and lose their color the closer to Lansing we got.  We stopped in Harper’s Ferry to stretch our legs a little bit and to just enjoy the day.  Then we went on to Pike’s Peak State Park outside of McGregor, IA; it was just beautiful overlooking the Mississippi river.  We made it up to Lansing and had a good good lunch at Milty’s, then went over to Horsefall’s to do some shopping.  They are mechandise liquidators and I think they had just about everything under the sun for sale. Here are a few pictures from our day trip. All in all we had a great day.

The following picture was taken at Harper’s Ferry roadside park.

Harper's Ferry

The next few pictures are from Pike’s Peak overlooking the Mississippi, the day was picture perfect.

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