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I’m starting a new adventure with a Brother KH32 knitting machine.  I got this off of ebay for a very reasonable price, shipping cost more than the machine.  Once I got it home I took all the needles out and cleaned them in mineral spirits and cleaned and oiled the yarn carriage along with the rest of the machine.  There is very little published about this model of machine, I  found only  one other source of information and it was very little, but I was able to find the model number.  Here are some pictures of the machine so far.  There are no fancy patterning or needle selection devices, so any patterning or lace knitting is done by hand manipulation.

It really knits


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Today we celebrated 25 years if marriage, our son took us out for supper. My DH got me a beautiful new diamond for the occasion and a pretty bouquet of flowers. My best friend also had sent flowers and a card. My Mom sent a really cute card with a receipe for biscuits and gravy.  All in all it was a pretty nice day.

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