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I attended a flat bed knitting machine workshop today that was set up by SueSuriSue and taught by Carol Wurst from Rocking Horse Farm in St Cloud, MN.   I left before the end of the workshop, we were getting a light freezing mist that made driving misearable and I wanted to get home before it got worse, the way it was the windshield kept iceing over and I needed to pull over a couple of times to let it clear.

Carol Wurst

Carol and her husband Fred were very nice people with a lot machine knitting knowledge.


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Happy Valentines Day!!!!

Spent this morning making a cake and frosting from scratch, haven’t done that in years. The guys really appreciated it.

Have been doing some spinning here are the results so far.

Old German Upright

First skein of Suri alpaca yarn. The yarn winder was made by Carl Jaeger from Wis.  


I love this old wheel, it has definitly seen some better times, but it spins so beautifully. I really like it for alpaca.

Plyed Suri

Jacob Lamb

 I really like Jacob for socks, they are so warm and long wearing.


I have spun camel on a large floor charka, but this is my first attempted at spinning on a bobbin and flyer wheel. I needed to use the Reeves 24″ because it spun fast enough to keep the fibers from pulling apart.

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Blizzard of 2011

We are having a very bad weather night, heavy snow with 25-30 mph winds.  We are expected to get 14-16 inches of snow, hopefully we won’t get that much.  Took this picture out of our back door, tried to get the snow blowing past the street light.  I’m really glad I’m on vacation this week and not having to worry about driving to work.

The road conditions at this time are “Travel Not Advised, the red dots on the map indicate which roads are pretty much closed.

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