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Monday 1/31/11

We are expecting a huge winter storm this week, in our area they are talking a possible 12-15 inches of snow between now and Wed. afternoon.  At this moment there is sleet like snow coming down.  Oh well can’t do anything about it, might as well spin.

I have been playing with the dye pot again and trying some different colors, this is a pot of Peach Jello and seems to be taking well. I used 2 boxes of jello to 1 oz batt of rambouilett/columbia cross.

This is a pot of 2pkgs of Strawberry KA + 1 pkg of Berry Blue to 1 oz of Ram/Col.  It looks like cranberry.


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Demon Kitties

The cats were wanting their supper too!!

They are almost kind of scarry.

Not much going on this week, so far, I have been spinning up some BFL.  It  has a beautiful handle, nice at soft, but I sure don’t like combing it.  This fleece has  a short staple and very tight curl and I’m not enjoying combing this one at all.  I got the fleece off of Ebay so I don’t know if this is typical of the BFL breed or just one of those oops fleeces.  I would need to see other BFL fleeces and if they are the same way I know I won’t be doing any more of them.  Once I  get it all spun I’ll put up some pictures of the completed skeins.  Merino is another fleece I won’t work with, much easlier to buy  it already processed. I tried one fleece and got so frustrated with it that I threw it away.  Hugh amouts of grease and I just couldn’t get it clean, evan with using Orvis paste soap for animals, it just always felt sticky.  I have done merino crosses and have had very good luck with Cormo and Bond merino.

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So far this month I have carded a few batts of Ramboulliet/Columbia cross and finished another pair of socks and working on a pair of gloves using the Legare CSM.  Nothing very special going on just cold with some snow, we have been very lucky so far this month.  New Years weekend we had to fix vehicles, the gas filter on the Escape decided it was full and needed changing, I was glad to get home from work before the filter just wouldn’t let anymore gas through, plus the gas cap was cracked so the idiot  lights came on and stayed on until it was fixed and finally went off after 5 or 6 startups once the brain was reset.

Carded with Petite

 This fiber is like working with  a cloud, except for the sand burrs that are throughout the whole fleece.  OUCH!!!

First 2011 Socks

Here is just a generalized pattern for this sock:

Machine:  LeGare 400, cylinder 72 needle   

 Yarn: Hand Spun    Fiber content: Columbia, Shetland, Scotch  Mule   

Dye:  Kool aid Lemon-Lime, Berry blue, Grape     (Only used in the Green section) the rest is natural color

Toe and Heal: scotch mule was used to strengthen areas

Top(Hem): 15 rows of plain knitting,hung a hem

Cuff: 20 rows of a 1:2 Mock rib

Leg: 20 rows of green continued mock rib, replaced needles and did 20 rows of the Columbia plyed with Shetland yarn. Changed to scoth mule for the heal.

Set up for  the heal: Knit  decreasing needles down to 16 needles then adding needles until they are all into play.  Put all needles into play and continue knitting the foot.  First 30 rows of foot Columbia was used,  changed to Columbia/Shetland and knit 30 more rows.

Set up for the toe section: same as for heal.

Total rows knit: Cuff and Leg 15+20+20 +20= 75        Foot: 60 rows

Size of sock should fit a mans 8-11 foot easily.

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