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Fall dyeing

I’ve been trying my hand at dyeing again, this time I tried hand painting some columbia roving. I like to use Jaquard acid dyes, they are easy to use and the colors are great.

  The above roving spun up, not as bright as I was hoping for, still pretty though.

My all time favorite is Kool aid dyeing, I’m always amazed at how well the colors turn out and how long they last.


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We made it up to the wool festival without incident, the van we rented ran well and the weather was gorgeous. It did rain some on Saturaday morning, but nothing to cancel any activites for.  I took a great class on Sat. morning from Laurie Boyer on spinning boucle yarns, she is one fantastic instructor.  When I get a chance I’ll post a picture of my efforts.  In the afternoon I took a class from Amy Tyler on spinning different textured yarns, this too was a great class.   Friday evening after the wool show closed for the day we went a did some sightseeing and went over to Lake Mills so the guys could check out the fishing spots.  They went back on Sat. morning and did a little fishing, DS got a few nibbles, DH caught a little bass and released it.  They had a great time.  Some pictures of our weekend:

Tyranena Park

Sunset over the lake

Working out their fishing strategy

Spinning class:

And of coarse you can’t go a sheep and wool festival without checking out the babies:

Not very old

Just born

We are already making plans for next!!

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We can definitely tell that  fall is here, from the feel of the air to the bugs and spiders that have decided to take up residents in the yard.  We have had a ton of dragonflies show up this year from some pretty saphire blue ones to this large green one.

Green dragonfly

The spiders are really plentiful around the yard and foundation of the house, I personally HATE spiders and will probably knock down their webs with hopes they will find another yard to live in.

Garden Spider

Ugly spider

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Here is the Rick Reeves 24″ red oak spinning wheel that I was fortunate enough to finally find and get, the price was very reasonable for a hand made spinning wheel of this caliber.  It certainly was NOT cheap, but it wasn’t anywhere near a new Schact-Reeves 24″ wheel either.  I’ve only been playing with it to get a feel for it’s nature and I did manage to get a skein of llama spun and plyed.  It will take a little getting used to.  We caller call her Miss Marengo because the wheel is signed Rick Reeves and he made it when he had a shop close to  Marengo IA.   The wheel was very, very dry and needed a good cleaning and waxing with Howard”s beeswax wood cleaner.


I used 2 packs of pink lemonade, 1 pack of cherry and half a pack of orange kool aid to get this corally color.  It came out varigated due to uneven dying, I kind of like it so I don’t think I’ll over dye it to even out the color.


Completed a skein of 100% camel, used the standard whorl for spinning and plying.

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I’ve been carding up some bond merino to get ready for fall sock knitting.  I’m not a very big fan of merino but I really love the bond merino. I like to dye colored wools to see what color they come out as, the following picture shows the natural color (which to me it looks like a rosey grey), the middle one was dyed with Jaquard dye “gold ochre” and the right one was dyed with “fiery red”. Will add a picture of the yarn when I get it spun up.

Here are the gold and red spun up.

These came out really pretty.

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Here it is the unofficial end of summer, it’s been horribly hot and humid this year.  We did manage to get my double flyer spinning wheel cleaned and oiled and back into action.  The leather hinges on the treadle needed to be replaced so my DH sacraficed his favorite old belt for the cause.  He did a very good job of it and now the wheel spins like a dream. 

This wheel can be seen in action at:


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