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Daycation 8/7/10

Today we went up to Prairie Du Chein,Wisconsin for a daycation. I like little day trips that  only takes a couple of hours to get to a destination.  Don’t have to bother with packing and making sure the cats are fed or anything else that would have to be done before a long trip.  We stopped just west of Marquette at a little country diner called Maggie’s Diner, the food was good but the service sucked.  There was a larger group that came in just after we did and they got service right away and they forgot to take our order altogether.   We were busy watching the hummingbirds feed at their feeders just outside of the window we were sitting at and the waitress said she had forgotten to take our order, she finally got it in and after we had sat there for another half hour we still didn’t have our food to us.  We asked what had happened and they said that they had a large group of people come in and needless to say I came right back with they had come in after us.  No one said anything , not even a sorry or how about a free cup of coffee.  Don’t think we will stop there again.  But, the birds were really interesting. 


We then went on into Marguette and hit a couple of antique stores.  Our DS got me a pretty little frame spinning wheel that will only need a few minor fixes and it will be ready to spin  again.   I had the DS and DH sit down with the wheel for a better idea of the size of the wheel.   


 My DH had just gotten me a Reeves 24″ spinning wheel too.  They are such enablers.  After the antique stores we went over to Prairie and went to Cabelas, that is a good time, we could wander around there for hours.   From there we started home and went through Guttenberg, we stopped at a little diner/bar overlooking the river , service was great, the food was good and we got to watch a barge come up the river and go through the locks.   

Heading north for lock and dam # 10 at Guttermberg  


After we left the diner we headed home, it was a good day!! 

  NE Iowa country side. 


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