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Friday 6/25/10

Today was a GREAT day, my DH was pronounced cancer free !!!!!!  My car didn’t need new brakes, just the wheels balanced which saved a ton of money and I received my dream spinning wheel a 24″ Rick Reeves spinning wheel.  It just doesn’t get any better than this.


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Completed rug

I got around to making another rug, this one is woven out of alpaca seconds (grey) and coopworth roving.  The coopworth I’ve had for about four years and I wanted to get it used up into something.  I knew I would never get the whole fleece spun up.  I used the peg loom for the weaving and I think it turned out beautiful and it is as soft as a cloud to walk on.  These rugs are great next to the bed, stepping out on the softness just starts the day off right.

 The loom is set up and the pegs are strung using a cotton cord.

Starting row  I like to start and end a rug with a twine weave.

Finishing edges 

Finished the ends by knotting the cords together and then weaving the ends into the rug using a bodkin and trimming off the excess.


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Completed skeins

I got busy and completed a couple skeins of yarn today.  I don’t know yet what colors I’ll dye them, maybe I’ll keep them plain.

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