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I got one of the Lil’ Dynamo wool pickers off of Ebay,  they are made in Oklahoma.  I’m all for buying American made if possible.  So far I’ve used it with Rambouillet and Corriedale with nice results.  This is also a very wicked tool, becareful if there are little ones around.


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I broke down and got a set of Kentucky English wool combs, they are wicked but wonderful.  I ordered them from The Woolery, it took about 2 weeks to get them.  I use these for the long wools, wensleydale, BFL  and cotswold.

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Spring In Iowa

This spring has been the most beautiful spring I’ve seen in years.  The trees are loaded with blossoms and the fragrence has been out of this world.   The eyes are itching and the nose has is running AHHH! SPRING

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