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I have a good start to the new year with the help of son and DH.  They picked a whole fleece of Icelandic wool for me and I was able to get it carded on my Petite drum carder within one weekend. It will probably take me to August to get it all spun up. Here are some pictures of our efforts.

Drum carder

Batt of Icelandic

Carding supervisor


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Alpaca Vest

I finally got a vest made for my sister that had sent me several pounds of alpaca fiber, some of the fiber was dyed a green using Jaquard acid dye and the rest is natural colored fiber.  I spun the singles using a random color scheme and then plyed it using the center pull ball method.  I knit it up on a Brother KH588 push button flat bed knitting machine.  This is the first real garmet that I have  attemped on the flatbed.  the pattern was a free pattern I had found on the internet and it is called the “Mirror Vest”.                    


The “Girls” were supervising the blocking process, I quess they wanted to make sure I got enough pins in it.

My sister sent me some pictures of her wearing the vest, I don’t think it turned out to bad considering we live 2,000 miles apart and I wasn’t able to fit it as I was working on it.

I can’t leave out my brother in law and their puppy Dapper.

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